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The Right Time for Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom always involves a certain amount of stress. Problems arise easily especially if it is your first experience on the renovation project. That is why if you are in the process of renovating a bathroom, you must read this article below!


The Right Time for Bathroom Renovation


Before dwelling on the time needed to renovate a bathroom, you need to know the various steps that can make up the bathroom.

Ask yourself: Do you know what you are going to do about the work?

Basically, there is no standard time to renovate a bathroom. Any action could take more or less time according to the works needed for the room.

We can, however, analyse some case studies …

To restyling a not too old-fashioned bathroom, workers can spend between 2 and 5 days. But if your bathroom is leaking or you need to replace important components such as the hydraulic system, then the work can last up to 6 or 7 days. By the average, a bathroom renovations mostly do not exceed more than 7 days.

Among the various types of home renovations, the bathroom renovation is the one that certainly creates uncomfortable environment to those who live there.

Well, as we know that not being able to use the bathroom is a problem. It is for this reason that job designers organise the various phases of reconstruction to minimise the impact that can be obtained by people who live there.


The steps of the bathroom renovation

Overall, bathroom renovation requires complete renewal. This is including things that you can not see directly. It is one of of the most complicated procedure which can lengthen the times needed for the works.

To make things organise properly, usually the work will be done in several stage:

  1. Floor and screed: The first phase is usually the removal of the floor and dismantling of the screed, in order to reach the hidden pipes. It will take quite sometimes and definitely make some noises around the house.
  2. Hydraulic system: Subsequently, replacing the existing hydraulic system is completed with more modern solutions such as using PVC or polyethylene exhaust pipes.
  3. Electrical system and walls: If the electrical system does not need any replacement or repairing, you can renovate the walls and the plaster by carefully arranging the tiles. Especially, when you have chosen to give a new style to the bathroom in this renovation project.
  4. Laying off new floors and sanitary: Next is the laying of the screed and the floors. This process does not allow people to use the bathroom. After this step, you can continue to install the new chosen sanitary and taps.
  5. Final painting: Finally, a refreshed wall will give a new shade to the bathroom and will definitely give you the impression of getting into a new bathroom!

Extra tips on bathroom renovation

The whole renovation works will make your house feel uncomfortable for a while. Remember to make pathways for builders to bring out the debris from your house. Place thick plastic sheeting on the pathways to catch the fallen debris from being moved. Protect your belongings by wrapping them with plastic sheeting too.

However, before you even think about to renovate your bathroom, you should check for any presence of asbestos there. It is important to have a thorough inspection in your bathroom, even better in your house. Once you find the positive prove of asbestos then you must remove it. This steps can not be skipped.

You can create a problem of health hazard for you and the rest of the people inside your house, especially the builders. So, take a wise step and do the work in the right way. Make sure that you do the renovation project correctly without causing any harm to anyone.

You should also take your time in looking for the best material for the renovation. Prevent yourself from getting disappointed by choosing materials in a rush. Let you do the initial work calmly and make a design for it first. This way you can create the bathroom you adore.


Now you know what it takes to renovate a bathroom, you should start the works right away!

Spend your free time looking for your favorite materials and design. Take a lot of references to get a reliable builder. Enjoy the whole process!

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