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How To Easily Identify Asbestos in Your House?

Are you certain that your house safe from the asbestos material? If you are not certain, then it’s a time for you to identify or conduct an asbestos testing procedure. It’s a must if you’ve lived in an old house within Melbourne area. Now, if curious on how you should the situation, here’s some information about asbestos and how to easily identify asbestos in your house, and how to handle this material safely.

asbestos identify in Melbourne

Let’s start with the essential decision you should take when you are facing the fiber material problems.


Maybe you have heard the severe and dreadful effect of the fibrous substance, and you begin to worry whether the fiber material hides within your house or not. And you are assuming there are asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in your property. So, you decide to get rid of the material right away.

What you’re doing is NOT A RIGHT WAY to handle fiber material. It’s because performing asbestos removal is not a simple procedure. There are some steps before you do the replacement part. The one you should do before removed the material is a procedure known as the asbestos testing.

REMEMBER! Before doing any work with the fiber substance, you MUST check and test the ACM products in your house. Be certain first!

Then, how we’re going to be certain?

Here’s how..

To help you be more positive and certain in removing your ACM products, you have to do an asbestos testing project. After you’re confident that ACM products are positively lying around in your house, then prepare for the next move which is the removal procedure.

a safe procedure can be found at

Now, if you are living in the house that built before the 1990s, better call a professional removal contractor to help you examine the material. If you’re wondering how to conduct the process, then let’s talk about its procedure.

Asbestos Identifying and Testing Procedure

The procedure will involve some of these steps:

  1. 1. Gather and collect the fibrous sample in a safe way.
  2. 2. Identify and analyze the sample
  3. 3. The result of the inspection process.

The main point of conducting the inspection process is to determine whether the ACM is present or not on our property. The process will also tell us what kind of fibrous substance hide in our property.

The inspection procedure is a crucial work, and that is why you need to contact a professional to help you do the work. Hire a professional to do it, definitely, will cost some money. To help you save some money, try to send the pictures of your ACM product to the consultant. So, you will lessen the consultant’s visit cost.

When you are going to take the sample pictures, better be careful! Do not disturb your ACM products! And if there is an area that damaged or broken or has cracked on it, try to paint or seal it (but, if you never have any experience with fiber stuff, just leave it and ask the contractor to take a look and take a precaution if needed).

After a consultation with your contractor, the next step is the person will assist you in collecting the fibrous material sample.

Remember, while doing the collecting process, it has to conduct in a safe and secure way and DO NOT collect it by yourself. This process is a troubled process, and the material may easily be broken in this process. Once it is broken or damaged, the tiny fibers will go airborne. That is the thing that we have to avoid. If the fibers go airborne, it means the dangerous stuff will fulfill the air, and we are likely to inhale the substance.

The contractor needs to wear protective gear to help him in the process. Remember, every work involves the dangerous object need appropriate equipment to work with. It is because not all protective equipment in the market may handle the tiny fiber element. You will need protective gears that able to prevent the tiny substance from getting in. Protective gears you will need are such as overall clothes, P2 respirator masks, and rubber gloves.

After your contractor finished collecting the samples, then the next step is to bring the samples to the authorized laboratory. The lab will identify, analyze and examine the samples. The samples needed to bring to the authorized lab because the samples have to be examined under a microscope.

The result of the samples will reveal and determine the fibers existence in your property. The result will also indicate the type of the fibrous substance, such as;

• Chyrsotile
• Amosite
• Crocidolite

If the samples do not contain fiber element, the result will declare as No Asbestos Detected. Then you will not have to do the removal procedure. If the result shows you have a dangerous element within your house, it means you have to do a removal procedure. The removal project has to be conducted by a professional and experienced removal contractor.

Before you do any removing work, make sure you already do the background check on your removal contractor. Remember to check your removalist’s safety record, insurance, and their license.

While you’re doing the clean-up procedure better evacuate your family until the process finished. It is important because your wife and your children are people who sensitive to the fibrous substance.

After cleaning process conducted, the next step is discarding your ACM products. If you’re going to dump your ACM waste, you HAVE to discard it to the authorized waste landfill for carcinogen substance.

Disposal procedure can be found at here.

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If you are looking for some information to accommodate yourself understand about identifying asbestos or the fiber element, We can become your guidance. It is because we also contribute in fulfilling your concern about the fiber material by monitoring the industry and creating some comprehensive news regarding fiber substance and how to handle the ACM products in the right and safe way.

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