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How to Beat Asbestos and Stay Healthy in Your House?

Asbestos has flourished in Australia since the 19th century. Australians not only a consumer of asbestos but also a producer. Yes, asbestos has dominated Australia and one of the areas with ACM (asbestos-containing material) are Melbourne. Do an asbestos removal is the safest way to handle the hazardous material.

house asbestos parts

But, before going too far, let’s understand more about the dangerous materials.

There are two types of fiber material;

a. Non-fibrous or bonded ACM is a type of fiber substance where the element is secured inside the cement. The risk of the product with bonded substance is quite low. Better let the material left undisturbed.

b. A friable substance is a dangerous type. The fibers within the product may damage and crumble into particles. The friable stuff is a type of fiber element that needs to remove by the experienced and professional removalist.

In Melbourne, the building owner may and only allowed to remove the fibrous cement product up to 10 squares meters from their house. Do not forget to get rid of your dangerous material with proper safety procedures. Better to equip yourself with right protective equipment. Further information about the ACM.

Unfortunately, we may find ACM products within our lovely house. The fibrous element probably lay within those products:

– Roof sheeting
– Carpet underlays
– Fencing
– Pipe insulation
– Wall insulation
– Vinyl sheet flooring, and many others.

So, if you are probably using one of those products, better do a thorough asbestos checking and testing on your household products.

How to Beat Asbestos and Stay Healthy in Your House?

After knowing that you may have ACM products within your house, let’s get to know the danger of fiber material closer. Nowadays, the fiber substance is known as a harmful and lethal material. It is because the substance has the potential to kill you and your loved one.

The fiber substance may go airborne if its broken or damaged. The exposure of the dangerous element may cause many severe wellness difficulties, such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and malignant mesothelioma. After we experienced the exposure, we can not be diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases. It is because the conditions are difficult to be diagnosed. The disease will start to display symptoms 10 or 20 years later after the exposure. The worst news is there is not any cure yet for the diseases.

The ACM products currently are a massive attack in Australia. Why? It is because the material was number 1 substance utilized in commercial products within Australia wide. One-third of buildings in Australia has ACM products, particularly in resident buildings. But, it does not rule out that we can find the element within the public buildings, like school.

Now, what if your house or property contain the hazardous stuff? You have to beat all asbestos parts in your house!

First, you have to RELAX!

Then, find and hire a professional contractor to remove the hazard substance from your property.

Remember: DO NOT try to remove the object by yourself!

Or hire someone who does not have the experience and licensed to do it.

Mishandle the removal procedure is the thing that you do not want to happen on your property. It may cause the fibers go airborne and soon spread out in the air without your knowledge. Then, you may rapidly inhale the fibers. Finally, 10 or 20 years later you’ll get asbestos-related diseases without ever realizing it. You never realize that you have engaged with the dangerous stuff.

So, Be Careful!

Be careful with the way handle your ACM problems.

The right thing to manage the problem is by doing asbestos removal Melbourne.

What is asbestos removal Melbourne procedure? It’s a process to get rid of your ACM products in the right way and complying all the legislative requirement of the Melbourne region.

How to conduct a right and safe procedure is not an easy thing to do. You have to use the appropriate equipment and uphold a secure process to discard the substance. That is why ONLY a professional and experienced removalist has to do the removal. You will not risk your life in a hand of unlicensed workers.

Before you spend so much money for a complete removal or even try to move to another resident, you should try doing a lab test for suspected material containing the hazardous element.

The removalist has to use protective gears in the removal process, such as;

  1. Overall clothing
  2. Disposable rubber gloves
  3. Mask (qualified for breathing while in removal area) or P2 respirator mask with disposable cartridge
  4. Pliers
  5. Thick plastic to double cover the ACM waste.
  6. Sticky tape to tape the plastic bag.

All the equipment have to able restraining the tiny fibers get into your body.

Who Can Help You Do The Removal Project?

The one and the only person who can help you perform a safe asbestos removal in Melbourne is an expert and certified removalist. Where to look a professional and licensed removalist? You may search them from the internet.

But, remember to do a background check of your professional removalist that you are going to hire. Check what kind of license and insurance they own. You may also check on your local council web on what you have to know about asbestos removal and criteria for the right removalist. Before you hire a professional, do a thorough checking on the ACM products within your properties. Do a thorough testing procedure to make sure where and what kind of fiber element lay in your property.

If your house contains a friable material, it means only Class A license removalist can remove the material.

So, you MUST hire a professional contractor who owns Class A license.

Make sure you have all the information before you do the removal process and hire an experienced one. If you are looking a shortcut to help you get the best removalist in Melbourne area, just go to Asbestos Watch Melbourne.

It’s because Asbestos Watch Melbourne endorses professional, competent and reliable removal contractors in Melbourne area. We strive to help you in finding your desired removalist. Just call our endorsed contractors Today!

Remove and beat all asbestos hazardous material and protect your health. Make a safe family house.

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