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Asbestos hazards: it’s time to manage the risk!

Asbestos Testing MelbourneAre you considering renovating or purchasing a property built before 1990?

You need to take extra precautions since many buildings built before the 1990 will be highly likely to contain asbestos. It is not possible to say whether a material in your building contains fibrous materials or not by simply looking at it. A close and careful examination by microscopic analysis is needed to identify this hazardous material.

Asbestos testing Melbourne

If you are unsure and need to be certain, get in touch with us today. We, as an endorsement company for asbestos contractors, will connect you with A-class licensed contractors who conduct a thorough fibrous material disposal, management plan and testing process in commercial, residential, and government settings.

Our contractors will conduct fibre sampling and testing in Melbourne by thorough inspection of your building starting from corrugated roofing materials until beneath the floor.

Only an experienced professional knows what to look for and where to look!

Our endorsed contractors will come in and assess the existence and severity of the Asbestos-containing material (ACM) in your building. They will do an extensive survey, collecting samples, and performing a test by an accredited laboratory.

Our approved members thrive on challenging situations, and we pride ourselves in their ability on providing our valued clients with safe workable solutions in demanding situations. When it comes to inspecting and testing ACMs, it is best to contact our competent contractor.

Crazy facts about asbestos testing in Melbourne

Table of contents

Section 1: What you need to know about asbestos
Section 2: Hiring the right contractor for sampling and testing
Section 3: Extensive services provided by our A-class licensed contractors
Section 4: Certified and credible asbestos testing and sampling

Section1: What you need to know about asbestos

In Australia, asbestos is commonly used from the mid-1940s until the late 1980s as a building material in both residential and commercial properties. Many buildings built before the 1990s will be highly likely to contain fibrous materials; especially in the external wall cladding, ceilings, cement sheeting, roofs, and fences. These products can easily be found in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Hence, if you identify that a suspected material was installed before the 1990s, it is better to assume that it contains fibres.

You should not wait when you suspected that fibre substance might be present within your property. These carcinogenic substances can be a potential threat to the health and safety of your building occupants. Here are some reasons why you need asbestos testing Melbourne for your property:


Fact #1: Your building may contain dangerous friable and non-friable material

Some area inside of your building may contain fibres whether friable (class A) or non-friable (class B) materials. The friable type is considered as a more dangerous one since it can easily release airborne fibres to the air. You can find friable fibres just directly beneath your floor tiles.

While the non-friable fibres mostly reside at ceiling tiles or corrugated roofs within your property. Numerous materials at your building such as insulation products, hot-water systems, and stoves usually contain these dangerous particles as well. Moreover, materials that were installed before 1986 in a wet area such as laundry or bathroom might contain ACM.

Fact #2: Health risks from fibre exposure

You have to keep in mind that doing a DIY project using testing kits can be dangerous for you. In principal, the mere presence of ACM is usually not dangerous as long as it remains intact and left undisturbed. However, if it is being disturbed or damaged, it can release airborne fibres into the air. Even inhaling a few amounts of fibres can cause the progression of aggressive diseases in the future.

‘The symptoms may not be apparent immediately since the latency period of the diseases are between 15 to 30 years’ –

Fact #3: You are planning to do a renovation or demolition jobs

Doing a renovation at your property can disturb ACM and also generating friable fibres. As a general rule of thumb, you need to take precautions if these two situations occur to you:

  1. You are planning to do a renovation on your property
  2. You suspected some materials at your building might contain fibres

The only way to be sure about the presence of fibrous materials in your house or workplace is by getting it tested by a NATA accredited laboratory. Melbourne City Council recommends property owners to seek advice and help from a professional surveyor when you encounter this problem.

We, as an endorsement company for contractors, can connect you with highly skilled and experienced contractors to overcome this problem. Their team of specialists is always ready to help you to identify and get rid of this harmful material as soon as possible. They have the pivotal skills and training to perform asbestos testing Melbourne – safely and efficiently.

Contacting one or more of our endorsed contractors will be the smartest move to handle your hazardous material problems and ensuring the safety of yourself and the people who matter to you.

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Section 2: Hiring the right contractor for testing in Melbourne

There are many companies that claim as experts in doing an inspection for ACM, while in fact, they are not!

It is very easy to trust their claims and promises. You should be aware before contacting certain contractor or surveyor; check and re-check. Ask them first about their license to assess their competency to deliver work in accordance with legal requirements.

You can also ask them whether they ever had an improvement or infringement notice before. This is not a rude question. It is important to know if they delivered satisfactory results for their clients in the past. And most importantly, ask if they can provide references for you. This will include written testimonials or list of previous customers and contact details so you can contact them.

‘You will easily avoid such companies when you get a contractor through us!’

This is because we thoroughly screened contractors before endorsing them. You can rest assured that all the experts in our list have what it takes to provide the best services at competitive costs.
Why choose us…

  1. Our contractors are selectively chosen
  2. We deliver an easy and straightforward process for our clients
  3. Our approved contractors have all the tools required for a safe removal procedure and related services
  4. High-quality services with competitive prices

Why? #1: Our endorsed contractors are selectively chosen; We only endorse contractors that have fully licensed removalists and surveyors. We are also doing periodic assessments to evaluate their work and to ensure that they still meet our standard. You can be sure that all experts in our members have what it takes to deliver you the best services.

Why? #2: Finding a contractor that offers an easy and straightforward process can be challenging. We make everything easy for our customers since we connect you with highly experienced professionals. You can save your time by getting professional surveyors through us. Once being contacted, our approved members will ask you about the condition and location of the suspected ACM. Our approved assessors will come to the location upon your request and do a sample collection. Then, they will further test the sample via an accredited laboratory. They will later deliver the final written report to you. All you have to do is contacting them and they will deliver the result to your door, easy and fast.

Why? #3: Testing for fibre material, removing fibrous roof and other related services require a lot of specialized tools and equipment.

Without the right tools, there is no way that the job will be done correctly. Our endorsed contractors have everything that is needed to handle fibrous substance in the best way possible. You can be sure that they will show up with all the tools needed to complete the job at hand within the shortest time possible.

Why? #4: Whether you need asbestos testing Melbourne in residential, commercial, or government settings, our approved members know exactly what it takes to keep the project on time and within budget. They strive to deliver high-quality services at a value price. You can contact them to get a quote first, and they will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Section 3: Extensive services provided by our A-class licensed contractors

Our approved contractors offer a broad range of services including the identification of fibrous particles in a bulk material, residential and industrial survey, and airborne particles monitoring. We ensure that our contractors perform sampling and testing in compliance with Australian and Victorian laws. They are more than happy to assist you for the whole testing period; starting from isolation until the quantification of fibres in the sample.

Asbestos testing Melbourne services offered by our contractors:

1. Collect all the samples from the suspected materials

When the material is non-friable, it is legal to collect the sample yourself. It is important to do a sample collection in a manner that it will not be dangerous for the people around you. The sample required for laboratory analysis is quite small, a sample as big as 50-cent coin will be sufficient and representative. By taking the smallest amount of sample as possible, it will reduce the chance of fibres exposure inside and outside of the building.

However you have to keep in mind that doing a sample collection alone can be tricky and physically demanding. Besides, you also need to dedicate a significant amount of time to do it. By seeking help from a sampling surveyor, you can save your valuable time and confirm that the sampling procedure is done appropriately.

Here is the overview of fibre sampling that our endorsed surveyors will perform in your building:

  • They will always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) before commencing any work related to ACM. When necessary, we will wear a respirator that complies with AS 1716:2003 respiratory protective devices. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum will also be used when required to prevent fibres exposure during the process.
  • Their team of specialists will use HEPA vacuum and water spray bottle to dampen surfaces area during sample collection.
  • Standard equipment will be used to collect the samples safely to prevent dust generation.

Our endorsed surveyors are extensively trained, highly experienced and possess sufficient knowledge of the risks from airborne fibres exposure. They are ensuring that appropriate control measures are considered and implemented during the sampling process. After sampling, they will then analyse the sample via an accredited laboratory and send the result to you.

2. Testing all samples via an accredited laboratory

Our contractors can conduct asbestos testing Melbourne in all types of buildings including industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. Their team of specialists works with the newest and modern equipment to do quantification analysis from a sample. They will use polarised light microscopy (PLM) and Stereo Microscope Analysis (SMA) techniques to ensure the quality of testing. PLM is the most common microscopic analysis technique to identify fibres from a sample. PLM can differentiate fibres or non-fibres particles from the sample.

SMA is another method that is often used to identify the presence of fibres from a bulk material. This method is able to identify different types of fibres, such as friable or non-friable, by analysing their morphology. By utilizing these two techniques, they are ensuring a high-quality output and satisfactory results for you.

3. Decontamination of sampling area

After sampling, our approved members will place the sample immediately in a sealed container followed by the addition of a label. The location, date, and time of the sample will be added as additional information. All tools and equipment that were used during the sampling will be decontaminated and placed in a hazardous waste container.

These tools will be disposed later at an EPA-approved disposal facility for hazardous waste. For the last step, they will decontaminate the sampling area to ensure that it is safe for reoccupation. HEPA vacuum and wet-wipes will be utilised to clean-up residual dust.

4. Assistance upon the discovery of ACM

If required, we can also connect you with professional removalists to assist you in the implementation of appropriate control measures. You can get a quote immediately upon contacting our endorsed contractors. They aim to provide competitive services while ensuring excellent quality for all clients.


Section 4: Credible and certified asbestos testing and sampling

ACM can be a potential threat to the health and safety of people who occupy your building. It can be dangerous when ACM is being disturbed or damaged since it can release airborne fibres to the surrounding environment. You should take precautions when you suspected a doubtful material at your premises that may be an ACM.

Seek a help and advice from a professional that has the right certification to conduct fibre sampling for the material first before commencing any other works. We are happy to help you when you encounter this problem in your property by connecting you to highly experienced contractors.

Our approved members aim to ensure maximum protection for you by delivering high-quality services. They are dedicated to providing the best services for asbestos removal in Melbourne area, including testing work. Our contractors have countless experiences in conducting fibrous substance testing and other services in a respectable manner. Our endorsed surveyors are knowledgeable and experienced to do the testing in the best way possible.

‘Over the years, they have met the expectations of all customers by delivering satisfactory outcomes’

They offer a complete and comprehensive testing and sampling service starting from sampling until the deliverance of the written report. Our endorsed surveyors only use modern technology to perform testing in an accredited laboratory.

They can either perform a qualitative and quantitative measurement upon sampling. All practices are conducted in accordance with national and local regulations. Contact one or more contractors though Asbestos Watch Melbourne today to ensure a safe living and working environment for your family and employees.