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Asbestos in your roof: a hidden killer

Asbestos roof removal Melbourne – The word ‘asbestos’ strikes fear into many potential buyers, and it certainly isn’t something to mess around. This fibrous material is classified as a hazardous material and was widely used in the past in a large number of construction products, including roofing and siding materials. Roofing and siding products containing this harmful substance are obviously still very evident in our communities today, as many post-war homes were built or renovated with fibre-containing cement sheeting.

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Abestos roofremoval Melbourne

As an endorsement company for asbestos contractors, we will connect you with professional contractors who provide safe and efficient roof replacement services. Asbestos roof removal Melbourne is a dangerous job that could result in both physical and serious health problems. This is why it is important to engage the best expert to do the job.

Our approved removalists are fully class-A licensed, extensively trained, and highly experienced. They provide fibre roof replacement services for all types of buildings including industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. Our members offer proper containment and removal of roofing products, site decontamination, transportation, and dispose of ACMs in legal facilities.

They can remove both friable and non-friable fibrous roofing products from your house or workplace safely and efficiently. You don’t have to worry anymore if your ceiling is falling apart since they can also replace it with the roof of your choice, either tiled or colorbond ceiling that is fibre-free.

Contact our members immediately for a piece of mind since they will remove the fibrous roofing materials completely from your property – prompt and right the first time.


4 important sections about Melbourne asbestos roof removal work

Section 1: 3 things you need to know about fibre roof replacement
Section 2: Removing fibrous roofs- the solution is here
Section 3: Steps to eliminate fibrous roofs completely
Section 4: Have a piece of mind with us!


Section 1: 3 things you need to know about fibre roof replacement

Asbestos was used extensively between the 1930s until the 1980s in residential and commercial buildings in Melbourne. It was added as a mixing material for roofing and siding products to increase their durability, strengthen them, and provide insulation property. Asphalt and cement products are the most commonly used roofing materials in Melbourne.

Even though the use of fibrous roofing products was banned since December 2003 throughout Australia, you can still find this harmful substance in many buildings in Melbourne including residential, industrial, and commercial buildings.


1.Potential health risks from fibrous roofing products

When asphalt and cement roofing are intact and in good condition, they are generally not hazardous and non-friable. However, weather and ageing can weaken these non-friable materials and turn them to be friable. A renovation or demolition work can also disturb these materials.

Friable materials can potentially release fibres into the air and make them go airborne. When being inhaled, airborne fibres can lodge within the lungs and cause severe diseases such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Note: Avoid disturbing, breaking, cutting and removing the roofing products alone!

When roofing products are damaged or deteriorated, they should be carefully repaired. In some cases, they can also be covered with new materials.


2. A visual inspection is not enough to tell whether a material contains fibrous materials or not

To tell if a material contains fibre, you should check for asbestos marking on the packaging of the roofing products. If you are unsure, you can try to call the manufacturer to ask whether it contains fibrous-material or not.

Another alternative is by hiring a certified inspector to conduct an asbestos testing in an accredited laboratory. You cannot tell whether a material contains hazardous fibres or not just by a visual inspection. The material has to be tested via an accredited laboratory using a microscopy analysis.


3. A license is needed to remove fibrous roofing products in Melbourne

You have to keep in mind that performing a DIY removal project can be dangerous for you and also the people around you. Local, regional, and national laws regulate the procedure and safety handling of fibrous roof removal Melbourne.

Based on these regulations, property owner or property managers are encouraged to seek help and advice from licensed removalists to remove deteriorated roofing materials.

Only a licensed removalist can remove friable roofing materials and disposed of the

As an endorsement company for contractors, we can connect you with reliable and competent contractors who provide safe and efficient asbestos roof removal in Melbourne – at competitive prices. We ensure that our endorsed members are performing the removal procedure in agreement with local, regional, and national requirements.

Our approved removalists are extensively trained, knowledgeable, have the right certification, and highly experienced. They possess the pivotal skill to perform asbestos roof removal process, safely and efficiently. Contact one or more of our members today to remove the deteriorating roofs and ensure the safety of your family and employees.
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Section 2: Removing fibrous roofs – the solution is here

We can connect you with excellent contractors that will handle your deteriorating roof problems quickly. The contractors in Asbestos Watch Melbourne are selectively chosen based on their ability to deliver satisfactory results for clients and their safety records. They have worked with numerous companies and industries and met the clients’ expectations.

Top 4 reasons to contact our endorsed members…

  1. Our A-class approved contractors are selected after a rigorous process
  2. Our team employs new and modern equipment
  3. Our removalists are highly skilled and experienced
  4. Deliver the project in the safest manner and utmost care


Reason #1: As an accredited service provider, they have a reputation for achieving satisfactory results, which you can rely on. They are not just aiming to meet your expectations, but they strive to make you feel that you are in good hands. They achieve this objective through operative readiness to meet your requests and a determined team of competent removalists.

Reason #2: Our approved members aim to deliver high-quality services at a value price. They know what it takes to deliver the project on time and within the allocated budget. In general, the cost to perform the removal work will vary between different properties and depends on numerous factors.

The cost will be based on:

  • The amount of materials needed (in m2), whether it is the entire roof or just the supporting structure
  • Complexity of the procedure
  • Location of the suspected materials within the ceiling structure
  • The amount and quality of the replacement material

These aspects determine the amount of time and energy that they have to spend, and this is reflected in the total cost for you. To get an accurate estimated total cost, we need you to contact our approved members first so they can give you a customised quote according to your problems.

Reason #3: There are many risks that removalists are faced when doing an asbestos removal in Melbourne. All our removalists do everything they can to keep themselves safe when they are working. However, accidents can happen unexpectedly even when people are very careful. You should not worry that you will be held liable when an accident happens. This is because our approved removalists are fully insured.

Reason #4: Our endorsed contractors have been receiving many positive reviews from many clients who use their services. It is highly likely that you will also be happy with the services that you are going to get. This is because our approved contractors always strive to provide excellent services for all customers.


Section 3: Steps to eliminate fibrous roofs completely

Our endorsed members provide a complete service starting from an initial inspection, management plan until the dispose of hazardous waste in a legal facility. They can handle your problems by providing both minor and major repairs for your fibrous roofing materials. They ensure that your premise is managed to the highest of standards, while you are having a full control of your spending budget.


Melbourne asbestos roof replacement services offered by our approved members:

1. A thorough checking of roofing and siding materials:

Our competent contractors will perform a thorough checking to analyse the presence of fibrous materials in your roofing and siding products. They will assist you with the whole procedure, starting from sample collection through to the reporting of the results.

Our approved assessors will usually test the sample via an accredited laboratory for further analysis. If the presence of fibre is confirmed, they will help you to determine the next actions to eliminate the risks of fibre exposure.

2. Repair or refurbish your damaged and deteriorated roofs:

Old cement roofs present a special maintenance problem. These materials are fragile and often cracked while loose fixings add to lift and leakage. The dangers of disturbing the materials mean even the simplest repair must be undertaken by a professional contractor to avoid the airborne release of harmful fibres.

Our approved members will quickly and safely repair and strengthen old cement corrugated roofs, be they workshops, garages, barns, or commercial premises. Repair usually involves either Covering (enclosure) or sealing (encapsulation) the damaged ACM. Sealing can often fix furnace, pipe, and boiler insulation. Our endorsed removalists will apply sealant to the material or coats it, so fibres are not released.

Closing is commonly used to repair exposed insulated piping and roofing shingles. Often, tearing the roofing materials will produce excessive airborne fibres. Rather than tearing them off, removing only the aluminum siding is safer and also least expensive. They may cover the shingles with polystyrene foam panels to avoid the production of hazardous dust. With this type of repair, the roofs will remain intact and in place.

3. Removal and replacement of the entire roof or supporting structure-containing ACMs:

You have to keep in mind that roof removal is a complex and dangerous procedure. Contact contractors through us to remove the damaged and deteriorated roof from your property to ensure your safety.

Our approved contractors usually recommend removal when you are planning to do a remodeling or making significant changes at your home that will disturb ACMs. Also, they will remove ACM roofs when they are damaged and cannot be otherwise repaired. If required, the asbestos roofing supervisor will be present at the site during the removal of asbestos-containing roofing material.

In brief, here are the steps of removal that our endorsed contractors will do:

  • They always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as respiratory protective equipment and disposable overalls
  • All area will be protected from a possible contamination
  • They will limit the access to the area to prevent further contamination
  • Our endorsed removalists will remove the asbestos roof and place the waste in a hazardous container
  • After removal, they will check all debris and clean the area from dust
  • They will seal the whole ceiling to ensure no airborne fibre remains
  • Our approved removalists can also upgrade the roof structures to meet modern building requirements
  • They will replace your old roof with a new roof of your choice

4. Disposal of the waste in an approved legal facility in the greater Melbourne region:

Transportation and disposal of harmful waste are another important processes to ensure the completion and safety of the work. Our approved contractors will take care of the transportation and dispose of the hazardous waste to a legal facility in Melbourne. They never do an illegal or improper disposal of hazardous waste. All the works will be performed in agreement with legislation guideline and applicable codes.


Section 4: Have a piece of mind with us!

A damaged and deteriorated roof poses health hazards as it can potentially release airborne fibres. Looking into roof removal in Melbourne is a wise move to eliminate all possible risks in the future.

‘We, Asbestos Watch Melbourne, aim to ensure the maximum protection and safety for you, your family, and employees’

Our endorsed members are committed to providing an excellent service by delivering a high-quality roof removal service that meets your spending budget. They have met the expectation of all customers by delivering satisfactory results.

Our endorsed contractors offer a comprehensive service starting from the identification of fibrous materials until a complete removal of the damaged roofs. Our contractors will assess the presence of fibre in your roofs and determine necessary actions to eliminate them.

Our approved contractors are extensively trained and equipped with modern tools and supplies. After a repair or removal, the hazardous waste will be transported and disposed of in the nearest waste facility legally and safely.

Contact one or more of our endorsed contractors today to ensure that hazardous roofing and siding materials are removed from your house or workplace, safely and efficiently.