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Asbestos Watch Melbourne is a team of highly skilled and experienced removalists in the greater Melbourne region. We have the expertise to conduct a complete and safe asbestos removal job in accordance with national, state, and local regulations.

  • We are highly skilled and experienced removalists.
  • We can remove asbestos in all suspected areas, from ceiling to floors, we do it all.
  • We deliver the project in the safest manner and with utmost care.
  • All the works are done following the highest standard required by the regulations.
  • We use new and modern equipment to undertake your asbestos removal project.

We always make sure to undertake all asbestos removal projects in compliance with the standards regulated by the national, state, and local authorities to deliver satisfactory results for you, our client. This also includes ensuring safety throughout the entire process, beginning to end, to avoid any health risks to our customers.

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Why Do You Need To Remove Asbestos From Your Property?

Whilst asbestos is a naturally occurring material in the environment, it is highly dangerous in a processed form. The use of it began almost 4000 years ago, but the large-scale use of mined and processed asbestos only began in the late 19th century due to the industrial revolution and trends towards modern buildings. For many years, it was commonly used in residential and commercial properties that were built or renovated before 1986 in Australia.

Due to its massive and versatile use, you may find asbestos in almost every part of a building, including:

  • Roofing
  • Fencing
  • Cement sheeting
  • Exterior and interior walls
  • Insulations
  • Paint

Nowadays, the harmful effects of asbestos materials on human health have been widely acknowledged and published. Prolonged exposure to airborne asbestos fibres can lead to the development of many diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Due to its dangerous side effects, the use of asbestos-containing products was banned in 2003 in Australia.

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Aside from harming your health, asbestos also can cause serious damage to a potential business deal, as it is a word that can strike fear into a potential buyer. The presence of this hazardous material on your property can potentially derail a property transaction.

Moreover, if your buyer finds out that you were aware of the presence of asbestos material but failed to inform them, they could hold you liable for a misleading omission and seek the cost of having the materials removed, as well as any other related expenses.

Asbestos has caused death to many people. Make sure you protect your family from asbestos. To find out more on how to save your loved ones from asbestos, check out our asbestos testing services in Melbourne. Always be smart and be safe.

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Asbestos Removal Melbourne Services Provided By Us

The Asbestos Removal Melbourne Team can provide extensive asbestos removal services from an initial survey to the complete elimination of asbestos materials from your property.

Our services include:

Identification of asbestos in any residential, commercial, and industrial buildings

We will give you a clear insight into the work and what you can expect after the process.

  • We can do a thorough inspection, locate, and if required, record the location and condition of asbestos materials in your building.
  • Our team of assessors can make the report and information available for any tradesperson that will work on-site.
  • We can check and identify asbestos that was damaged or has deteriorated and needs to be removed.


Removing all asbestos on your property; from floors to roofing products

Before commencing any works, we, if required, may notify Safe Work Victoria regarding all removal work. Our removalists are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) to carry out the work safely. The restriction will be imposed on accessing the area where asbestos materials are being removed to prevent exposure and possible contamination further into the building. We will conduct the process as efficiently as possible to eliminate the risk of releasing airborne fibres to the surrounding home or neighbourhood.

Decontamination to ensure that your building is safe for re-occupation

After our removalist has completed the work, facilities and equipment that were exposed to dust or asbestos fibres will be decontaminated. The experts from Asbestos Watch will perform these processes:

Decontamination of the work area – The removal area will be decontaminated thoroughly, and all dust and debris will be collected in a safe manner.
Decontamination of tools and equipment – All tools and equipment will be decontaminated using either a dry or wet clean-up procedure before they are removed from the elimination area.
Personal decontamination – Our experts will perform personal decontamination procedures before leaving the disposal area.

Transportation and disposal of all kinds of hazardous waste to an EPA approved waste collection facility

After decontamination, our experts will handle the transportation and disposal of asbestos waste. We ensure that the waste will be double wrapped in 200-micron thick plastic and tape sealed before it is transported to the waste collection site. The waste will be disposed of in a safe manner to eliminate the release of asbestos fibres from the waste.

Why Contacting Asbestos Watch Melbourne Is A Wise Move?

Contacting us is the wisest thing to do when you are unsure about the presence of asbestos on your property.

We are competent and reliable

You can be sure that we can identify any presence of asbestos in your building and assess the necessity to perform disposal work there. Our Asbestos Removal Specialists Melbourne is experts, knowing exactly what to look for, how to safely look for it and have mastered safe removal techniques. By hiring a professional asbestos service provider, asbestos materials can be removed safely in a way that does not damage the environment and threaten the safety of people around you.

We employ new and modern equipment

We are well equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and supplies to remove asbestos from your property. No matter where you want the material removed, we have got you covered. We have invested in modern equipment that can aid in the safe and quick removal of asbestos products.

We offer customised services

We understand that a safe procedure in each and every property does not follow a standardized procedure but should instead be customized to suit specific customer needs and requirements. Our highly competent and easy to work with removalist team will work collaboratively with you to formulate a safe asbestos removal plan that works for you, ensures maximum safety and is particularly suited to your property.

Deliver project in the safest manner and utmost care

We are skilled in the latest technology to ensure optimum safety and maximum efficiency. We always invest our time to learn the latest techniques, tips, and procedures. Customer safety and satisfaction is our aim so we have mastered the latest trends and can flawlessly execute a safe removal.

Exceptional Quality Asbestos Removal Melbourne Services

If you suspect a material that may contain asbestos, don’t risk your health and safety by handling this dangerous material yourself. Instead, call us immediately.

We always strive to meet your needs and expectations. Our highly qualified and skilled Asbestos Removal Melbourne Team have the right certification and training. We will work with you to plan and undertake the project safely.

We have been conducting projects all over Victoria, for clients who have residential, commercial, or industrial properties. We can also handle the transport and disposal of waste to a legal facility.

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