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Asbestos removal Melbourne: a clear and present danger in Melbourne

Asbestos is a word that can strike fear into a potential buyer. The presence of this hazardous material in your property can potentially derail the property transaction. Moreover, if your buyer finds out that you were aware of the presence of fibrous material but failed to inform them, they could hold you liable for a misleading omission and seek the cost of having the materials removed, as well as any other related expenses.

Worries no more, you can easily contact our A-class licensed contractors through us to remove asbestos materials in the safest manner possible!

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As a company that endorses ACM contractors, can connect you with highly skilled and experienced removalists in the greater Melbourne region. They will conduct a safe and complete elimination job in accordance with national, state, and local regulations.

Our contractors provide services for all types of buildings whether it is residential, commercial or government buildings. Over many years, they already performed numerous asbestos removal Melbourne projects and delivered satisfactory results for the clients.

If you decided to remove fibrous materials from your property, contact one or more of contractors through us as they will completely remove fibrous from your property – prompt and right the first time.

What You Must Know About Asbestos Removal in Melbourne

Table of contents

  1. Section 1: Interesting facts about asbestos-containing material (ACM) elimination
  2. Section 2: Why contacting our endorsed contractors is a wise move
  3. Section 3: Services provided by our approved contractors
  4. Section 4: Reliable asbestos removal services in Melbourne, Victoria

Section 1: Interesting facts about asbestos elimination

Asbestos is a naturally occurring material in the environment and is a collective name used to refer to various fibrous silicate compounds. The use of it began almost 4000 years ago, but the large-scale use of ACM only began in the late 19th century due to the industrial revolution and trends towards modern buildings. For many years, it was commonly used in residential and commercial properties that were built or renovated before 1986 in Australia.

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It was widely used because of its excellent mechanical properties that make fibre appealing for many construction agencies. It is fire and water-resistant, has a good tensile strength, as well as good affordability. It can commonly be found in roofing, fencing, cement sheeting, exterior and interior walls, paints, and insulations.

Nowadays, the harmful effects of fibrous materials on human health have been widely acknowledged and published. Prolonged exposure to airborne fibres can lead to the development of many diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

Due to its dangerous side effects, the use of this carcinogenic material was banned since December 2003 in Australia. Even though its usage was banned since 2003, some of the old buildings in Melbourne may still have ACM and thus pose serious health risks to the building occupants. You need to take adequate measures in this regard and if necessary get it removed at the earliest.


Fact #1: Three types of asbestos were mined in Australia

Mostly asbestos was mined in New South Wales and Western Australia, but there are also small mining operations in South Australia and Tasmania. The mining operations were stopped since 1983 in Australia, but ACM is still produced in many locations worldwide.

‘Airborne fibres are dangerous when being inhaled; even the slightest amount of them can cause lung diseases’ –

These mined products only represent a small percentage of ACMs used in Australia (only 5%), while the rest was imported from all over the world. The majority of it that was used worldwide, including Australia, is the white one. Products from blue and brown fibres were banned since the mid-1980s. Manufactured and imported materials from white fibres were banned in Australia since December 2003.

In Melbourne, these mined products were used in a wide variety of materials and may still be found in many commercial products. Examples of this include:

  • Cement pipe used for water supply, chemical tanks, and electrical switchboards
  • Products containing fibrous paper such as heat protective mats, electrical wire insulation, and underlying material for sheet flooring
  • Textile products such as heaters and roofing materials
  • Other products including gaskets, paint, sealants, ceiling, and floor tiles


Fact #2: 98% of houses in Victoria that were built before the 1980s will be highly likely to contain fibres

These fibres can be present everywhere; starting from the material of the exterior wall until hot water insulation at your house. The same rule applies for the presence of ACMs in a workplace; it can be found in boiler rooms, wall cladding, and bathrooms. If you are planning to repair or renovate your property that was built in this era, you must be aware of the presence of ACMs there.

‘It is not possible to identify whether a material in your building contains fibres or not by simply looking at it’ –

Further examination by occupational hygienist through microscopic analysis is required to identify ACMs. We can also connect you with a surveyor or occupational hygienist to perform a detailed and thorough sampling and ACM testing. The result of fibres testing can further help you to decide whether it is necessary or not to remove the ACM.


Fact #3: A license is required to remove fibrous materials

As a homeowner, you are allowed to do minor repairs, as long you follow recommended safety precautions before commencing any work.

Generally, the Victorian regulation permits an employer or self-employed person to perform an elimination in Melbourne without a license if:

  • The material is non-friable
  • The area of ACM to be removed does not exceed 10 square meters in total
  • But, only class-A licensed person can remove friable materials

However, if you lack the knowledge and experience to perform the process safely, managing this procedure your own can be a big threat to your health and safety. Mishandling of fibrous materials, such as a DIY project, can cause contamination either inside or outside the building.

Furthermore, if you are planning to do a renovation or demolition jobs that will disturb materials containing ACM, don’t do the work yourself. You need to seek help from a professional removalist to ensure the safety and quality of the process.

Section 2: Why contacting our endorsed contractors is a wise move

When you are unsure about the presence of fibres, you should contact our approved members to identify these airborne materials within your building. Our endorsed experts will first identify the ACM in your building and assess the necessity to perform disposal work of ACM there.

By hiring a professional service, the fibrous materials can be removed safely in a way that it does not damage the environment and threat the safety of people around you. Professional service will speed up the process, and you can also save up on your valuable time. It is essential to choose and contact a licensed contractor to completely remove fibrous materials from your property.

We, as an endorsement company for asbestos contractors, will connect you with professional removalists to perform a safe and complete disposal project. Our endorsed removalists are extensively trained and already had many years of experience in removing fibres in residential and commercial buildings. By hiring the specialists through us, you are protecting your family and employees from the detrimental effects of fibrous materials.


Why choose us…

  1. Our A-class approved contractors are selected after a rigorous process
  2. Our team employs new and modern equipment
  3. Our removalists are highly skilled and experienced
  4. Deliver the project in the safest manner and utmost care


Reason #1: You can be assured that every contractor we connect you to have been carefully selected after a rigorous process. Our objective is to provide you with trained removal experts who know exactly what to look for, how to safely look for it and have mastered safety elimination techniques that do not expose you to healthy hazards.

Reason #2: All the contractors you meet through us are well equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and supplies to remove ACMs from your property. No matter where you want the material removed, our contractors have got you covered. As a rule, we only associate with established contractors who have invested in accessing modern disposal equipment that can aid in the safe and quick elimination of fibrous products.

Reason #3: We connect clients to extremely knowledgeable professionals who provide a wide range of asbestos removal, decontamination and encapsulation services to suit your requirements and needs. Every contractor we recommend understands that a safe procedure in each and every property does not follow a standardized procedure but should instead be customized to suit specific customer needs and requirements. Our highly competent and easy to work with contractors will work collaboratively with you to formulate a safe cleaning-up plan that works for you, ensures maximum safety and is particularly suited to your property.

Reason #4: We connect clients to professional contractors who are skilled in the latest technology to ensure optimum safety and maximum efficiency. We only deal with removalists who take their time to learn the latest techniques, tips, and procedures, Customer safety and customer satisfaction is our aim so we only connect clients to removalists who have mastered the latest trends and can flawlessly execute them.


Section 3: Services provided by our approved contractors

Our endorsed contractors provide vast and extensive services that include an initial survey and a complete elimination of fibrous materials from your property.

Services include:

1. Identification of ACM in any residential, commercial, and government buildings:

Our approved members will give you a clear insight of the fibrous material elimination work and what can you expect after the process. They will do a thorough inspection, locate, and also record all location and condition of ACMs in your building. Their team of assessors will make the report and information available for tradesperson that will do construction works there. They will check and identify ACM that was damaged or deteriorated and further remove it.

2. Removing all ACM on your property; starting from floors to roofing products:

Before commencing any asbestos removal Melbourne work, they may notify WorkSafe Victoria regarding all remediation work. They will then perform a disposal in the area where damaged or deteriorated ACM was found, whether it is beneath the floor or above the ceiling. Our removalists are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) to carry out the work safely. They will restrict the access to the area where fibres are being removed to prevent exposure inside or outside of the building. They will conduct the process as efficient as possible to eliminate the release of airborne fibres to the surrounding neighborhood.

3. Decontamination to ensure that your building is safe for re-occupation:

After the removal work, facilities and equipment that were exposed to dust or fibres need to be decontaminated. Our endorsed experts will perform these processes:

  • Decontamination of the work area – The removal area will be decontaminated thoroughly, and all dust and debris will be collected in a safe manner.
  • Decontamination of tools and equipment – All tools and equipment will be decontaminated using either dry or wet cleanup procedure before they are removed from the elimination area
  • Personal decontamination – The experts will perform personal decontamination procedures before leaving the disposal area.

4. Transportation and dispose of all kind of hazardous waste to a legal facility:

After decontamination, our approved experts will handle the transportation and disposal of the disposal waste. They ensure that the waste is safely packaged in containers and will be secured during the transport. The waste will be disposed at an EPA Victoria-licensed waste disposal in a safe manner to eliminate the release of airborne fibres from the waste.


Section 4: Reliable asbestos removal services in Melbourne

If you suspect a material that may contain fibres, don’t risk your health and safety by handling this material yourself. Instead, contact us immediately and we will connect you with professional contractors that have many years of experience in removing fibrous materials in the greater Melbourne region.

Our A-class licensed members provide a broad range of services to remove hazardous materials from your property completely, at competitive prices.

They can extract all forms of fibrous materials in any area and location, whether it is on the roof or beneath the floor. We always strive to meet your needs and expectations. Our highly qualified and skilled contractors have the right certification and training. They will work with you to plan and undertake the project safely.

Our endorsed removalists are working with modern equipment to ensure the quality of the work. Over many years, they already did asbestos removal Melbourne projects in all over Victoria, for clients who have whether residential, commercial, or industrial properties. They can also handle the management plan, the transport and disposal of waste to a legal facility. If required, they can do a follow-up work to ensure the quality of the removal.

If you are looking for asbestos removal Melbourne services and peace of mind, contact one or more of our endorsed contractors today. They will take care all of your fibre problems and deliver satisfactory results to you.