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Avoid hefty fines by managing asbestos properly

All workplaces containing fibrous materials must have an asbestos register and management plan. Penalties may apply for property owners who do not have a compliant AMP or fail to manage asbestos safely. In some circumstances, the regulatory body can charge property owners with a fine as high as $60,000 or a prison sentence.

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Asbestos management plan Melbourne

We, as an endorsement company for contractors, can connect you with professional contractors who will assist you in the development of a detailed asbestos management plan (AMP) Melbourne. Our endorsed contractors are highly experienced and skilled in many fibrous disciplines and have the relevant knowledge to assist you.

They provide a broad range of AMP Melbourne services for all types of buildings including residential, commercial, and governmental setting. Our approved members have worked with different companies and delivered the desired results. They will help and assist you with the whole process; starting from conducting an initial survey to delivering the final written report.

Our endorsed members will keep you up-to-date with the progress of every step throughout the project. Let our competent and certified members take care of your management plan Melbourne needs. Contact one or more of our approved members today, and they will be glad to offer you a complete and no-obligation quote for your project.

Urgency of Asbestos Management Plan in Melbourne

SECTION 1: Duty to manage fibre in workplaces
SECTION 2: Find the right expert to manage the risk
SECTION 3: Discover services provided by our members
SECTION 4: Developing a sound AMP for your business


SECTION 1: Duty to manage asbestos in workplaces
In Melbourne, many commercial buildings built before the 1980s will be likely to contain fibrous materials. Hence if you own a property built or renovated before the 1980s, you should have an appropriate in-place management program to eliminate the risks of fibre exposure.

A management program can help you to manage asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your building so that exposure to harmful fibres can be prevented. An AMP is a document that making use of information gathered from a register or a survey to implement appropriate control measures. By creating this plan, you are one step forward in protecting building occupants from fibre exposure and associated health risks in the future.

Why you have to create a management plan for asbestos

Reason #1: Health risks associated with fibre exposures
When being disturbed or damaged, ACM can release airborne fibres that can be a potential threat to your health. You may have lived with ACM in your house or workplace for years and being exposed to this harmful material without even realising it.

Airborne fibres are known to cause many aggressive diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. These diseases are life threatening and associated with a reduction of life expectancy of patients. A new study also pointed out that improper handling of ACMs could cause these diseases during DIY renovation or testing using DIY sampling kits.

Reason #2: You are a property manager or a landlord
The most obvious reason to have an AMP is that it’s a legal requirement for a property manager or a landlord. By law, premises owners are required to review, revise, and maintain a detailed register on the presence of fibres within a building. A register is a document that specifies when ACMs have been found within your building. The premises owner needs to update the register each time a visual inspection of ACM is conducted.

As an addition, an AMP is required to be made that outlines the responsibilities, protocols, procedures, and systems to manage airborne fibres and minimise possible health risks effectively. Where reasonably practicable and necessary, ACMs have to be removed before a renovation, refurbishment or demolition project, (ex. ACM work: asbestos roof removal).

‘The ultimate goal of the plan is so that the building can be free from ACMs.’ – Worksafe Victoria

The program is required in some circumstances such as:

  • A survey indicated that the building contains ACM
  • A person who occupies the building notifies the premises owner upon the discovery of a location that may contain ACM
  • The property owner decided to treat a doubtful material as ACM
  • The building owner recognised that ACMs are used in the building

Reason #3: Legal requirements for a premise owner
If you have an outdated document or fail to show these documents, you can get a penalty from the governmental body. The penalty can be as high as $18,000 for corporate and $3,600 for a homeowner. But the cost of the penalty should not be your sole reason to have an in-place management program. The regulation is there for a good reason; by having it on your property and make it accessible for the building occupants, you are ensuring the health and safety of your building occupants.

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SECTION 2: Find the right expert to manage the risk
In order to ensure the safety of the building occupants and follow legal requirements, you should seek help and advice from a competent contractor to create an AMP in Melbourne. We can connect you with professional contractors who can assist you with the preparation of a management strategy that meets all legal requirements.

  1. We provide an easy and straightforward process
  2. Our consultants are competent and reliable
  3. They take all jobs seriously
  4. Total solutions for your problems

#1: It is often difficult to find a contractor that offers an easy process to create an AMP in Melbourne. You will not have this experience when contacting us. Our extensive screening ensures that our approved contractors are competent and reliable. We will immediately connect you to professional contractors that already delivered satisfactory results for many clients. They offer extensive services that include a pre-inspection and periodic risk assessment at competitive prices. You can be confident that they are here to help you with all the necessary aspects to create an excellent management strategy.

#2: Our consultants have appropriate training, experience, and knowledge in identifying fibrous materials and are able to conduct risk assessments and implement appropriate control measures. They are familiar with construction practices and able to determine where ACMs are likely to be present within a building. They are also able to identify and differentiate friable and non-friable ACMs and evaluate their conditions. While the particular needs of every client may vary, our endorsed professionals never fail to get the job done right.

#3: From performing a visual inspection to creating a management plan Melbourne for a large industrial site, our endorsed members have you covered. Their team of professionals does the job right the first time. Every work they do is performed with a commitment to the highest quality. You can rely on them – they take all aspects of asbestos management plan Melbourne very seriously.

#4: Extensive services offered by our endorsed members provide a total solution for your asbestos-related problems. Whatever problems you are facing, contact our approved members so they can attend to your needs, provide suggestions, and plan the development of an appropriate in-place program.


SECTION 3: Discover services provided by our members
If you are looking for a contractor who is detail oriented, time conscious, and committed to your health and safety, then we are the ideal place to find it. We connect you with exceptionally knowledgeable contractors that can create an excellent plan.

1. They will assist you in developing a practical and efficient plan for you
If you suspect the presence of ACMs throughout your building, get in touch with one or more of our endorsed members today. They will develop an in-place program that will answer these important questions; what is going to be performed, when is it going to be done, how is it going to be performed, and who is going to do it.

Briefly, the program will cover these following aspects:

  • Identification of ACM in your property such as in your roofing products and fencing sheet
  • Recording any naturally occurring fibres and their locations
  • Conducting risk assessments to implement necessary control plan to eliminate the risk of fibres exposure
  • Providing detailed information on the decisions and reasons behind every control measures in regards to the management of ACM at your premises
  • Providing the timeline for the implementation of control measures
  • Outlining proper actions to handle emergencies or incidents at the workplace that related to fibres exposure
  • Maintaining the register with additional and new information and keep it up-to-date with current regulations
  • Providing information for all workers who carried out work involving ACM

2. Maintain an up-to-date register document
Our endorsed removalists will update your register file whenever they have work done on ACMs, such as repair or removal. They will ensure that all information is presented in a clear and suitable manner so that it can be easily understood. They may provide detailed descriptions when specifying locations and using photos or diagrams to assist in accurate position identification.

3. Performing a re-inspection when required
As stated in the national guideline, a re-inspection must be performed at least every five years after the implementation of the program. It must be conducted in all areas where ACMs have been identified to check changes in their condition. Only a licensed removal specialist who has adequate training can perform re-inspection.

Our approved members offer a periodic assessment and review to ensure that the in-place program is still relevant with the national and local guideline. They will assess the condition of ACM in your property and implement a new in-place program if deterioration is detected. They will communicate the result of the re-inspection to the property manager. All changes that were made during the re-inspection will be recorded in a register file.


SECTION 4: Developing a sound AMP for your business
We, as an endorsement company for reputable contractors, will connect you with professional contractors to create a detailed and comprehensive management plan Melbourne.

‘Our competent contractors specialise all types of asbestos-related services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects’

It is important to ensure that the in-place program is working effectively. Our approved members will help you with the control and management of the building to prevent exposure from airborne fibres to the building occupants. They will analyse the dangers postured by fibrous-substance and implement appropriate control measures to manage them.

They are extensively trained and highly skilled in performing fibre-related works and have the sufficient knowledge to develop the management program according to your needs. Their extensively trained team will walk with you from the first inquiry to the time the job is completed. Furthermore, they are available to offer any post-service support to ensure that they delivered the desired results.

Contact one or more of our endorsed contractors today whenever you need help with management plans or other related services – we are here to assist!