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Asbestos Guide! – How To Do Asbestos Removal in Melbourne

Asbestos is known as a dangerous material and frequently utilized in Australia territories and regions. If you have asbestos-containing material (ACM) products within your property, better have a professional to check and examine your fiber material. If needed, you will need asbestos removal procedure conducted.

the guide of removing asbestos in melbourne


First, let’s understand about fiber material in Melbourne area,

The Australian Government is working their best to deal with the dreadful and dangerous asbestos problem. In Australia, the fibrous substance problems grew to be the National threats.

Melbourne as one of the cities in Australia is facing the same dangerous and dreadful problem with other regions. Yes, ACM product is a troublesome issue for Australians nowadays. The fiber material that was a beloved substance a few years ago now is a damaging material for the one who has used it.

Now, You may be wondering how damaging the material is,

The answer is extremely damaging.

The inhalation of fiber substance could even kill you. The substance inhalation may lead to several asbestos-related diseases.

Where can I find ACM products within my property?

The fiber element is mostly present in the old building. In Australia, the building that built before the 1980s commonly has fiber material in it. Fiber substance broadly utilized in Australia until in the 1950s Australia became the world’s highest consumer of asbestos cement.

The buildings contaminated with fibrous substance could up to one-third of the buildings in Australia. The substance utilization grew and expanded to many regions. There are approximately 70.000 houses in New South Wales that contain the substance and mostly built with fibrous cement. In Victoria, there is 98% of the residential constructed before 1976 had the dangerous materials.

The worst news is due to numerous usage of the substance, the fibrous element not only is part of roofing in residential homes but also in school and workplaces.

Then, how dangerous the material is?

Asbestos is a killer that already killed many Australian families. The silent killer is killing them silently and faster than they might expect.Due to its harmful effect on a person, the awareness on the substance utilization started to rise.

Due to its harmful effect on a person, the awareness on the substance utilization started to rise.

Some people starts to remove the hazard material from their property. That is a right decision for the homeowners or building owners to get rid of the hazardous material from their place. This right decision, unfortunately, followed with serious action as well. Some people who had removed their fiber element doesn’t do the whole proper procedure such as disposed of their fibrous waste in the approved landfill. Some of them discard their waste illegally.

Illegal dumping is a dangerous action which can endanger the environment around the area.

In Melbourne, ACM dumping is also a problem. Some people who have done the removal procedure discard their deadly material at non-proper EPA (Environment Protection Authority) approval landfill waste sites. Due to the dumping issue, residents who live in Melbourne area begin to questions about the security in another landfill. Fortunately, the EPA (Environment Protection Authority) is responsive in handling the problem. The licensed landfill asked to review the approval for waste landfill sites.

Now, if you are concerned whether your house contains fibrous element or not,

Remember, if you are going to handle the fibrous problem the right way you MUST have complete information and knowledge about the substance.

Before taking any further step or action towards the hazardous material, better TAKE A DEEP BREATH! And start your research regarding the ACM. Know what is asbestos and what its harmful effect. After you notice how severe and damaging the fibrous is for your health, now start to consider and plan your action towards the material.

Do NOT rush to do the removal process.

There are some steps you should take before you do the major removal procedure.

The steps are:

1. Check your house by conducting an asbestos testing and inspection procedure. Analyze and examine the fibrous sample in an accredited laboratory. The result of the testing process will help you determine which types of substance that lying around your house. It is an important process!

REMEMBER, do not skip the testing process. The best way to perform the procedure is by calling for a consultant to help you gather and collect the fiber sample.

2. After you got the result, you may plan what you are going to do with your ACM products on your property. If the result shows that there is hazardous material on your property, then check if it’s a friable or a non-friable ACM. If it’s a friable ACM, it means you have to do asbestos removal, Melbourne. Friable ACM is a dangerous kind of fibrous element. But, if it’s a non-friable ACM, you can check whether it is in good condition or not. You may consult with your contractor which step you needed for your ACM products.

3. If the best way is to remove your ACM products, then do it with the right and secure way. Call removal contractor to perform a safe asbestos removal Melbourne procedure. Let the professional and experienced removalist do all the work for you. Hire a qualified person to do it will save you a lot of time, energy and protect you from the dangerous substance.

Do Not EVER perform asbestos removal Melbourne by yourself!

But, based on the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations 2007 Part 4.3 Division 7 Subdivision 2 stated that householders or unlicensed person might carry out the removal procedure by their self. But, have to meet the following requirements:

1. The fiber is non-friable ACM.
2. It does not exceed more than 10m2.
3. The total time to conduct the procedure is no longer than an hour in the 7-day period.

Even though it is legal to remove the matter by yourself, we strongly advise you to hire a professional to do the work. However, if you decide to do it by yourself, then do it with protection and appropriate equipment, if you found it difficult to do, just read the points of guide above slowly.

REMEMBER, SAFETY is crucial in conducting the asbestos removal project.

The fiber element is a sensitive substance and once it is go airborne, it will put your lives, your family’s health and your environment in danger.

We come to answer all your worries and concerns in removing the hazardous substance. We understand your needs of a professional and reliable removalist who can handle your fibrous problems safely and conduct in the right way. Asbestos Watch Melbourne endorses only qualified, competent and trustworthy removal contractors and related services within Melbourne area. So, now you would not have to be worried anymore, just go to Asbestos Watch Melbourne and you will find your desired removalist in one call! Contact Asbestos Watch Melbourne endorsed contractor TODAY!

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