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Dealing with asbestos emergency situations

You never know when an incident or a life-threatening accident will happen. But when it does, it often happens at a really inconvenient time. The same goes with asbestos exposure. You will never know when a natural disaster or an incident may expose you to this harmful material.

You may need an asbestos emergency repair Melbourne service when such incident happens.  Especially upon a natural disaster such as flood or storm. With the fact that most Australian homes have asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), the risk of fibre exposure after a natural disaster is really high.

Asbestos debris and dust generated after a natural disaster or incident has the potential to present a risk to human’s health, if not properly managed. Many studies have shown that fibre exposure can cause lung cancers. The risk increases when the material is damaged or disturbed. To minimise the threat of exposure, precautions and actions must be taken immediately!

The most important things to know about ACMs in an emergency:

  • Fibres
  • Will not burn
  • Odorless
  • Very toxic
  • Cancer hazards
  • May cause cancer, when inhaled.
  • Prolonged exposure causes damage to lungs

Asbestos Emergency Repair Melbourne

You can also check these guidelines and links to help you deal with ACMs:

  1. Victorian government –
  2. Asbestos wise –
  3. Asbestos safety ­-


How to deal with asbestos upon an incident?

Dealing with ACMs upon an incident or a natural disaster can be stressful. However, panicking is the least thing you have to do when dealing with fibrous materials. Even though emergencies need rapid action, the most important thing in effectively handling the situation is to remain calm.


A quick guide for homeowners

Any time you experiences emergency situations, the first step you should do is to evaluate your house for safety issues before you re-enter. You must also restrict access to the contaminated area and try to prevent further contamination.

You can follow these simple procedures to keep you and your neighbor safe:  

  • Prevent people from entering the contaminated areas.
  • Wetting the surface of the contaminated material before doing further work.
  • Covering the damaged material with plastic sheeting.
  • Spraying the material with a temporary sealant such as PVA glue

If you’re unsure, you should call an asbestos removal contractor instead. Professional removalists are trained on what to do in the event of an ACM incident.


A quick guide for corporate

Fibre exposure may happen in an office building when an employee drill, saw, or sand ACMs or when those materials age.  However, be aware! Fibre exposure can also caused by an employee who hangs a picture on the wall.

If you suspect that any presumed or known ACMs have been damaged or disturbed, you must contact the property manager immediately.  Then, you should follow some recommended actions to deal with the emergency situation.

Here is a simple procedure for suspected disturbance of ACMs:

  • Stop all work in the building immediately! You should also close all doors and windows.
  • Evacuate the contaminated room.
  • Restrict the hazard area or room. You should also put a warning sign that states the name of the key holder and also his phone number.
  • If clothes are contaminated, evacuate the people who wear the clothes and ask them to stay in an unoccupied area. You should then remove the clothes and bag them in sealed bags/containers. The person who wears the contaminated clothes should shower as soon as possible.
  • Call an asbestos removal pro immediately and tell him as much detail as possible about the incident. A pro will perform clean-up jobs at your premise – safely and effectively.


Asbestos Emergency Repair Melbourne


Fast and Immediate emergency repair  

Sometimes, an asbestos emergency repair Melbourne service is needed outside office hours. If the situation is very urgent and you cannot wait until the next working day, you can call our members!

If an incident happens, they will come to your site straight away. Further, they will analyse the actions needed to reduce the risk of fibre exposure. When an ACM is identified after an incident, our members will do these following actions to minimise the risk of exposure:

  1. Prevent access: They will isolate the contaminated area, which may contain damaged fibrous materials. They may install fencing and put warning signs. They will also ask unprotected and unnecessary personnel to leave the hazard area.
  2. Avoid generating dust: They may either damping down the material with water or spray it with a dust suppressant such as PVA glue. When your roof is damaged, they will also check your roofing products and repair them.
  3. Get a permit: When a removal work is needed, they will quickly request a permit from Work Safe to remove the hazardous material. Work safe may give an approval for an emergency repair work within 24 hours. After approval, they will create a control plan for the removal work.
  4. Asbestos removal: They’ll collect the ACMs using shovel or approved HEPA vacuum, as required by the regulations. Later, they’ll put the waste in suitable bags/container for disposal. When necessary, they may also do a sampling and testing process, or a thorough inspection before doing the removal work.
  5. Deal with your insurance company: Adding to the stress after the incident, you often also need to deal with your insurance company to process your claim. This is also exactly why you need our contractors members as your partner. They can help you with the whole claim process. Our endorsed contractors strive to make your insurance claim process goes as smoothly as possible.

Their asbestos emergency repair Melbourne services are available to anyone; from a small residential premise to a large industrial or commercial building. Our members are fully A-class licensed; they can provide an emergency repair service to remove either friable or non-friable ACMs – at a value cost.

Incidents happen when you least expect them, but with Asbestos Watch Melbourne you can always feel prepared. Our contractors members ensure that when an ACM incident happens, they are there the help you with the right solution – right away!

If you need help with emergency repair Melbourne services, just call our members for an immediate response. Your emergency situations will be done in no time.