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Is your house safe from asbestos-containing material (ACM)?

As we know, ACM is a dangerous material. Unfortunately, the materials were frequently utilized years ago. If you are living in Melbourne, then it is advisable to ensure whether your house contains the hazardous substance or not. Do not engage with the dreadful elements are the best way to protect yourself and your family.

If you may have the ACMs within your place, do not rush to get rid of the carcinogen materials. Do a thorough planning before doing any work with the chrysotile substances.

What should I do?

The first thing to do is an inspection. Identify and check whether your house contains the materials and what type of substances lay within your house. After doing the examination, if it is Friable ACM then the best way is to get the materials out of your place.

Remember: Let the expert handle the deadly substance.

The fibrous element becomes dangerous if it is broken or damaged and the fibers will go airborne. Asbestos as a deadly substance clearly needs an extra safety precaution to keep the fibers from being airborne. The fibers’ characteristics, which are light and durable, will make them almost impossible to eliminate inside our body.

For that reason, if you decide to remove the silicate elements from your property, consider the environment surrounding your home. Particularly, the air around your work area.

Is the air around your work area safe from the fibrous materials?

Is there any fibers substance going airborne in the process?

When you are not positive about it, then you are strongly advised to do quality air performing. During and after the removal work, the atmosphere within the premises should always be monitored to avoid the risk of exposure.

When you try to remove the contaminated materials out of your property, you have to consider whether is it safe to breathe within the area, both outside and inside the building? Our endorsed competent contractors will do the work with the right procedure so the risks of exposing carcinogenic substance will decrease to minimal.

Our services include these following steps:

  • Conducting a control monitoring to count the fibrous debris in the air
  • Do an exposure monitoring to calculate the risk of the fibers of breathing in
  • Make a clearance control after the removal process is done to ensure the properties are safe to occupy

We offer air monitoring Melbourne services delivered by fully qualified, experienced, and authorized experts. A consultant from Asbestos Watch Melbourne will test the area and make sure that the process is conducted with all right components and health issues considerations checked to ensure monitoring accuracy.

Our approved contractors are profoundly experienced, reliable, and expert to work on asbestos-related issues in residential and industrial establishments. We offer assistance as indicated by strict specifications employing the latest equipment and hardware.

Our field removalists hold the vital skill and remain updated on the most recent practices.