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We are a reliable and competent asbestos removal and testing provider. Our team members are extensively trained, exceptionally skilled, and highly-experienced. Our ability will make sure that we can deliver and meet customer expectations and needs. If you are looking for a removalist to do asbestos removal and testing, look no further than Asbestos Watch Melbourne.

  • We are putting safety and quality at the center of all we do.
  • We have the right certification, training, and offer flexible solutions in demanding situations.
  • Our team of professionals has the capabilities and experience to manage even the most complex or challenging projects.
  • We have met the expectations of our clients in the past by delivering satisfactory results for them.

Asbestos Watch Melbourne is committed to your health and safety; this is why we only employ knowledgeable and skilled professionals who get the job done safely and efficiently. We will conduct an extensive asbestos removal and testing work. Our team will identify the existence of asbestos in your building to come up with the most appropriate testing and removal services.

Contact us to have a peace of mind since we are considered as one of the best asbestos removal and testing service providers in the greater Melbourne region. Don’t forget to ask for a free quote now.

The Unseen Danger of Asbestos

One of the most common asbestos materials to come across when doing renovations in older buildings is probably fibrous cement sheeting. The most likely form of asbestos cement to come upon is flat sheet fibro, often used for outside cladding of homes, garages, and sheds.

You can find asbestos sheeting in various areas within your house such as in:

  1. Toilets
  2. Backrooms
  3. Bathrooms

These sheeting were used extensively since the 1950s and still being used today, albeit in non-asbestos form. Asbestos sheeting has unique features that other materials don’t have. Therefore, it came in handy when solving most construction material design issues.

Asbestos materials that initially worked like magic in different building applications later became the cause of the deadliest ailments in Australia. Inhaling airborne asbestos fibres leads to lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma or pleural.  Residents who inhaled even the tiniest single piece of asbestos fibres are at risk of going down with life-threatening diseases.

Those who dare to drill, saw, grind or sand any of their housing material that contains traces of asbestos become highly exposed to airborne asbestos fibres, and this eventually lead to their death.

This is why you should hire experts to perform asbestos removal and testing in your building. Only experienced professionals can tell whether asbestos in your home has started to crumble and flake, afterwards remove it safely and completely.

Vast and extensive services provided by Asbestos Watch Melbourne

You are mistaken if you think that asbestos is problem of the past. The shocking part about the material in Australia today is the fact that asbestos-containing materials are still present in two-thirds of Australian houses.

If your house was built before the mid-1980s, you might be the potential victim of this asbestos material. It is reported that the annual number of new cases of mesothelioma in Australia increased from 156 in 1982 to a peak of 667 in 2010 (via safe work). The newest data shows that asbestosis was the underlying cause of 125 deaths in 2011.

However, do not panic when you found asbestos materials in your building! As long as they remain intact and left undisturbed, you are safe. When you find disturbed or damaged asbestos materials in your home, leave them alone. Don’t risk yourself! Immediately call a reliable asbestos removalist to have them removed.

Our asbestos services include:

  • Asbestos Removal: Removing all asbestos materials on your property, starting from fencing to roofing materials
  • Asbestos Testing: Sampling and testing by a certified assessor via an accredited lab

Asbestos Watch Melbourne is your best option for your asbestos removal and testing needs. We’re happy to help! To get more information about us and our services, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a free quote now!

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If your house is over 20 years old, it is likely to have asbestos materials in it. You need a professional asbestos removalist to test for asbestos to identify whether your house contains asbestos.
If you accidentally discover asbestos materials during work, better to end the work immediately. Contact a certified and professional asbestos removalist to conduct a thorough risk assessment, and undertake an asbestos testing work if it's needed.
Since asbestos is hazardous material, only an authorised landfill is allowed to accept asbestos waste. Therefore, you should only contact the authorised landfill that is already registered by EPA.

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